That'll Teach You!

Rachael was already sweating and it wasn't even 8 in the morning yet.

She had had the entire weekend to get accustomed to her new life, or at least the life she would have for the next couple of weeks. Now it was Monday and she was still struggling. Dropping books and files, tripping over her feet in the less than comfortable shoes and finding the material of her clothes more than a little bit itchy.

Rachael was really just another spoiled brat. She was pretty, popular and dating one of the handsomest, most popular jocks in school and she loved lording her power over all te little people in school, and make no doubt about. She considered the entire faculty fell into that category, from Doris, the sweetest and nicest cafeteria lady, to her principal and even Greg Saunders. Her least favourite teacher.

Mr. Saunders was only her least favourite because he consistently expected more from her. He didn't let her get away with anything and shut her studly boyfriend down quickly ever time he tried to stand up for her. Rachael HATED him as he always seemed to be the one person she couldn't quite get under her thumb. As a result, she often took it out on others. Less popular students and poor Doris.

Of course, when the opportunity to join swap class came up, she spoke to her boyfriend and suggested they both join. Mark wasn't really interested in seeing things form a girls perspective, being the quintessential alpha male, but Rachael convinced him by gaining acquiescence while she had Mark's fairly impressive cock in her mouth one night. Of course, there were promises as to what she'd do for him and to him once they swapped back. Mark was a little worried about what she might try to do to him once they were in each others bodies, but decided the rewards were worth the risk.

"Hey babe!", Mark said. "How can you be sure we'll swap with each other? I mean, it's all random, isn't it?"

"Oh, you big, simple, strong, sexy baby. Whoever the teacher is, I'll get them to ensure we swap, or make their life hell. Don;t you worry!" Rachael said with a bit too much confidence.

On the day that everyone started swap class, Rachael went into class with her usual arrogant saunter and sat down near the back. She looked around, but couldn't find Mark anywhere. Soon the door assigned teacher walked in and closed the door. Rachael panicked.

First she worried, where was Mark? What really made her worry was that the assigned teacher was one other than Mr. Saunders. The one teacher she couldn't influence. She quickly grabbed her things and tried to leave, but was told to return to her seat. "The doors are locked Miss Campbell. Just to ensure everyone keeps their commitment." Mr. Saunders said.

"Nowclass,' he continued, "firstly, thank you for agreeing to trial this. I'm sorry to say that one student wasn't feeling well so we have an odd number today. As per the state rules in relation to our National Swap programs, I will be forced to join in and swap with one of you. I apologise for this inconvenience and believe me, I'm not happy about it either. Now, if you all take your seats we will begin. The school admin has randomly chosen the person you will swap with, so remember, once it is done, you're to do your best to adhere to their life and not give away who you really are. In two weeks, we will all meet back here and reverse the procedure. Now are there any questions, and before you ask, no! I have had no say in who gets whose body nor can I change it for your request. Alright. Let's begin!"

Rachael sat there panicking. Something she never did. She was going to kill Mark! What if some little geek got her body? There were a few of them there. As she was eyeing them up with a withering stare, she suddenly became dizzy and disoriented and fell forward. When she raised her head, everything felt different. She looked across the room and saw her own body looking back at her with a devilish smirk on her own face. That's when she looked down. "NO!" she screamed. She was in the body of non other than Greg Saunders. Her most hated teacher.

She could do nothing as everyone was rushed out of class and sent on their way o their new homes. She soon found tht Greg Saunders lived on his own in a clean and tidy, yet very, VERY small apartment. Nothing like the opulent home of her parents. She quickly got to reading the notes he had left and checkedher surroundings. Suddenly, she had to pee.

"Eewwww!", she said as she pulled her new penis out from the corduroy slacks she now wore. She had to admit. Mr. Saunders was pretty well hung. Still, she NEVER wantd to be this close or intimate with him or any other old guy.

Back to our intro: Rachael could find nothing in her new closet that she considered stylish and as a teacher, Mr. Saunders didn't have enough money to buy anything new, so she had found a very itchy tweed suit to wear in to school. She was sure her tie and shirt were the worst possible fashion faux pas ever, but couldn't do anything about it. She was running late and dropping everything as she went. Her clunky man shoes caused her to trip herself up constantly. She had already broken the rules by trying to call Mark all weekend, but didn't receive an answer and she found his phone off for most of it Strange as he always had it on him.

As she scrambled into class, she remembered that thi was her first period class normally, and started to panic. What had her least favourite teacher been doing to her beautiful body all weekend? She cringed thinking about it. As she looked up, her emotions quickly turned to shock and horror. There was her body. dressed in the shortest possible skirt ever, looking every bit the little school girl slut. Granted, she often dressed provocatively, but never this much,and she never wore heels to school. Especially that high. Worse was the site of her body wrapped around none other than Mark. His lips planted firmly on her old ones and she thought she could see his tongue exploring her old mouth.

She cleared her throat and the two pulled apart. A sly, mischievous look on her old face.She was about to call them out for it but stopped and remembrd how much trouble she'd be in. The punishment for breaking character for swap class was vague, but didn't sound ike anything she wanted to tempt. "Alright class. Take your seats please!", she said.

It was a long morning. As she was about to start heading back to class at the endof lunch, she saw Mark and asked to speak to him in a nearby empty class.

"Yes Mr. Saunders? What is it?", Mark said.

"Don't pull that shit with me mister. What happened to you on Friday? Why weren't you in swap class? I'm now stuck in, THIS", she said as she indicated her current form. " We were supposed to swap with each other. You've ruined everything!"

Mark stood there looking at her with what could only be shock for a minute, then slowly smiled and starteda deep chuckle. "Oh deary! You should have been a bit nicer. Then you wouldn't be finding yourself in this situation. It's amazing how many people will come together to punish their tormentor." she heard her boyfriend say as he laughed aloud.

"What? What are you saying? Why would you do this to me Mark? I thought you loved me? Wait! Did you just call me deary, and you vocabulary is a little bit better than normal?" Rachael said, just as her old body sauntered into the room, exuding a little too much sex appeal.

"Hey babe! What does old man Saunders want with you?", Greg said in Rachael's melodic voice.

Rachael was livid! "Don't pull that crap with me from my own body Mr. Saunders. What did you do to Mark? What did you do to my boyfriend? Babe! It's me in here. I'm stuck like this because you never showed up. Where were you?"

"Oh my deary!", Mark said. "Well, dear old Mark couldn't make it as we were keeping him away, then ushered him into class after you all left. If you want to speak to the person that use to occupy this body, you'll need to go to the cafeteria."

Rachael just stood there in shock. THe penny quickly dropped and as her old body grabbed her boyfriends face, turned it and kissed it passionately, she could d nothing but cry. "Why? Why would you do this to me? Give me back my body you crazy assholes!" With that she ran from the room and headed to the cafeteria.

When she got there, she saw Doris, or at least her body, looking at her with pleading eyes. She quickly pulled her away and took her someplace quiet. "Mark? Is that you in there?"

A meek and weak voice simply said, "Yes!"

"Oh I'm so sorry babe. I thought you ditched me, but I see they were all playing a game on us. Well just you wait until next Friday? When we both have our bodies back it will be no holds barred and my daddy will make their life hell. He'll sue. They be fired and he may even get the school closed down and sue for millions." Although this rage made Rachael feel better, the next words out of Mark's new lips made all the colour drain from her face.

"When they were done putting me in this old lady body, they broke the machine..."


  1. I took my time reading this, as it's longer than your usual captions. And am I glad I did. What an awesome story. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Great to see you working again. BRRRRRR! great horror story. The lunch lady was a very nice touch! WOW everyone swapped in class is now stuck? Mr Reynolds is a real monster will he get away with being the rich & beautiful Rachel for ever?


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