That'll Teach You!

Rachael was already sweating and it wasn't even 8 in the morning yet.

She had had the entire weekend to get accustomed to her new life, or at least the life she would have for the next couple of weeks. Now it was Monday and she was still struggling. Dropping books and files, tripping over her feet in the less than comfortable shoes and finding the material of her clothes more than a little bit itchy.

Rachael was really just another spoiled brat. She was pretty, popular and dating one of the handsomest, most popular jocks in school and she loved lording her power over all te little people in school, and make no doubt about. She considered the entire faculty fell into that category, from Doris, the sweetest and nicest cafeteria lady, to her principal and even Greg Saunders. Her least favourite teacher.

Mr. Saunders was only her least favourite because he consistently expected more from her. He didn't let her get away with anything and shut her studly boyfriend down quickly ever…

Three is NOT a Crowd (Final)

Kat had felt exhilarated as she easily lifted Nicole, in Kat's old body, out of Tim's car and up to her old apartment. She gently lay her old body in bed, admired her old body, then pulled the blankets up to cover Nicole so she would be comfortable. From there, Kat placed the money that Tim and Nicole had put aside for her. Hesitantly at first, then realising that in her current body, there was much, much more available. Of course, she was honest at heart so she soon felt guilty about that thought and at the same time, realised that Nicole would need the money to pay Kat's bills in the short term. She didn't want to come back to her body and life and be destitute.

On the drive back to Tim and Nicole's, she thought about how long she could get away with this. Would Nicole wake u and freak out and ruin her fun, or would she go along with it for awhile. All the while she couldn't help but rub her new cock the entire time. She was amazed that with the action it ha…

Three is NOT a Crowd (Part 2)

It wasn't long before Tim found himself running his wife's red, manicured finger up between his new, very wet pussy. It opened for him like a flower and before he knew it, he was adding his wife's voice to that of his own moans coming from his body. Not knowing that t was actually Kat inside his muscular body, he assumed his wife was enjoying breaking in his tight virgin ass, and that maybe Kat had convinced her to do this and force him to watch?

But why? He had always appreciated how accommodating Kat had been. She did her job without forcing him or humiliating him in any way, but here she was, forcibly ramming that huge, beautiful, cock as deep into his old ass as she possibly could. Of course, if Tim wasn't constantly distracted by the waves of pleasure going through his body and the occasional sensational orgasm, he might have recognised that smirk on Kat's face. He'd never realised how sensitive Nicole's body was but god was he enjoying it.

Kat couldn…

Three is NOT a Crowd

Katherine was getting tired of all the sexually repressed rich women that she was forever "breaking out of their shell". Originally this had been a little side business for fun, but ever since that ridiculous Fifty Shades of Grey came out, women were agreeing to let their husbands explore a bit more int eh bedroom.

That's where Katherine, or 'Lady Kat' came into the picture. She was pretty sure that most of these men just used it as an excuse to fuck another woman, her, in front of their wives and get away with it, but she had to admit, the pay was pretty damn good, and being able to humiliate some of these rich assholes was a plus. Lately though, she was thinking more and more about getting out of the game. But what then? Back to college? Back to waitressing? She'd never make this kind of money again. she'd gotten used to a higher income, but had still been jealous of all these rich bitches and their wealth, without a care in the world and no responsibi…

Damn You Make Me Look Good!

"Damn you make my body look good Thomas!"

"I believe you mean, Jackie, don;t you TOM? Ir do you prefer Thomas?", Tom giggled in his wife's body.

"Oh, so you're really going for this little role play, are you? OK! I can keep up with it.", Jackie said with a little smirk as she adjusted her pants, after feeling a little shift from staring at her old body. "Jesus! I see what you always meant. One look at you and there's less room in these pants now. Do my legs always look that good, or is it just from those stilts you choose to wear?"

"Well, knowing how much you spent on these shoes, I felt I should at least get some use out of them, rather than have them collect dust in the back of our closet? They're actually far more comfy than I expected. I can see why you bought them." In truth, Tom was a little disoriented and feeling frail in his wife's tiny, slim body. He tried a number of things on and found that the tight sk…

Now She's a Bit Worried

"See what I mean? You can't even finish getting yourself ready properly. Do you need help with the make up, 'mother'?" Jill said with a little giggle. That giggle turned to a sharp inhale when her son Ben turned to her with a smile on her old face. A face that was already made up. Perfectly! In fact. Jill thought that it might be better than what she usually did.

If she had paid attention, she would have noticed how casually her son was bouncing her favourite pair of heels on his toes while he read the morning paper. Another of her regular rituals. The fact that he was not completely dressed, was just one of the many ways he was playing with her.

"Oh! Hello 'son'! Did you sleep well? I hope your father and I didn't keep you awake last night?", Ben said with a little wink. "We did try to keep it down, but your father was simply insatiable. I'm not sure whether to blame you for that or thank you?", he laughed

"You have got …

The Thing's She Didn't Tell him

Jason's uncle was looking better and better the longer he spent in his aunt's body.

It had been almost a week since Jason and his aunt Alice had swapped bodies. When he had agreed to swap with his aunt, he thought it was just some elaborate joke that his aunt was playing on him. They had always been close, and she had constantly told him how lucky he was to be young and a boy. That the world was his oyster (whatever THAT meant). If he didn't think that she was beautoful, lucky and had a fulfilling life, he would have realised that she was actually miserable and jealous of his life.

Sure, Alice was beautiful, and rich and married to a handsome successful man, but her life kept her feeling like a prisoner. She was constantly required to look her absolute best.Her husband, although the life of the party and everyone's favourite, was more than a little bit cold to her. She realised early on that she was simply another beautiful object he possessed, and heaven forbid she g…